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16/10/2011 - 10:05:06 pm
Poland to Host 2nd World Congress on Divine Mercy October Event Is Follow-Up to 2008 Conference in Rome
Poland to Host 2nd World Congress on Divine Mercy October Event Is Follow-Up to 2008 Conference in Rome ROME, JUNE 30, 2011 (Zenit.org).- The Church's whole mission must be more aware and more motivated by the mercy of God, says the general-secretary of a worldwide conference scheduled for October in Poland. Father Patrice Chocholski spoke with ZENIT about the II World Apostolic Congress on Mercy (WACOM), calling it "an answer of the whole Church to the universal call to Divine Mercy, present as the essential nucleus in the Gospel." Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, archbishop of Vienna, is president of the executive council of the congress. With YouTube videos, he is inviting people to attend. He and a group of other cardinals of the curia have been involved in the event since the first WACOM was held in 2008 in Rome. Since then, five continental and about 50 national congresses were held. Speaking of that response, Father Chocholski reflected that divine mercy "becomes a source of creativity; it builds new bridges in our societies, cultures and religions. We become newly energized in our missions. It is the love of God pushing us, like a fire ... it is the unique hope for human kind and for the Church." The priest noted how both Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI have made the call to experience divine mercy. It "should be the paradigm of any evangelization," he said. The second WACOM will follow a similar schedule to the '08 event, but with the sites particularly related to divine mercy in Poland: talks and Masses at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki at St. Faustina's tomb; ecumenical prayer meetings in Auschwitz and Wadowice; workshops, adoration, chaplet, and testimonies in different languages and churches of the city; an intercontinental festival on the Market Square of Krakow; etc. "Thanks to Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the organizing archbishop, there is no restriction in registrations," Father Chocholski said. "In John Paul II's spirit, he hopes we will be as numerous as possible. It is not limited only to official delegations. Welcome!" As far as after Krakow, Father Chocholski expressed his hopes that there will be a WACOM III. "The committee of cardinals, presided by Cardinal Schönborn will have to decide," he said. Meanwhile, the priest explained that national coordinators can be contacted. "See you in Krakow … or in your country." --- --- --- On the Net: Invitation from Cardinal Schönborn: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MosM-sZrG1U More information on WACOM: www.worldapostoliccongressonmercy.org More information on WACOM 2011: www.wacom2011.pl Email contact: [email protected] مؤتمر الرحمة تحت شعار يوحنا بولس الثاني افتتاح الكاردينال دزيفيتز للمؤتمر العالمي الثاني للرحمة الإلهية روما، الأربعاء 05 أكتوبر 2011 (Zenit.org) خلال افتتاح المؤتمر العالمي الثاني للرحمة الإلهية الذي عقد من الأول ولغاية الخامس من أكتوبر الجاري في مزار الرحمة الإلهية في كراكوفيا – لاجيفنيكي، ذكر الكاردينال ستانيسلاس دزيفيتز رئيس أساقفة كراكوفيا بـ "الشجاعة" التي تحلى بها يوحنا بولس الثاني لدعم القديسة فوستينا بإعلان الرحمة في أقطار المسكونة الأربعة. كل رسالة يوحنا بولس الثاني "تتلخص في إعلان الرحمة"، حسبما قال مكرراً كلمات بندكتس السادس عشر. فقد كان الطوباوي يوحنا بولس الثاني يعتبر رسالة الرحمة "إحدى علامات العصر للبشرية التائهة في المادية"، حسبما أوضح أمين سره الأسبق. وكان يوحنا بولس الثاني يقول: "نور الرحمة الإلهية سيضيء درب البشر في الألفية الثالثة". سيبقى يوحنا بولس الثاني بابا الرحمة الإلهية. ففي عام 1980، نشر الرسالة العامة Dives in misericordia حول الرحمة الإلهية. وأعلن قداسة القديسة فوستينا في 30 أبريل 2000: في ذلك اليوم، أسس في الكنيسة عيد الرحمة الإلهية الذي يحتفل به في أول أحد بعد الفصح. وتوفي عشية هذا العيد، في الثاني من أبريل 2005. كما أُعلن طوباوياً يوم أحد الرحمة الإلهية، في الأول من مايو 2011. في افتتاح هذا المؤتمر العالمي الثاني حول شعار "الرحمة، مصدر الرجاء"، دعا الكاردينال دزيفيتز إلى النظر إلى "رسول جدير بخاصة بالرحمة الإلهية - هو الطوباوي يوحنا بولس الثاني". وأوضح قائلاً: "تحلى بالشجاعة لدعم القديسة الأخت فوستينا بإعلان الرحمة في أقطار المسكونة الأربعة". "كرئيس أساقفة كراكوفيا، بدأ دعوى تطويب الأخت فوستينا. كبابا، جعل يوحنا بولس الثاني رسالة الرحمة النقطة الرئيسية في تعليمه، مكرساً لها الرسالة العامة Dives in Misericordia – الله غني بالرحمة". وذكر: "بإعلان قداسة الأخت فوستينا في 30 أبريل 2000، أسس عيد الرحمة، وخلال زيارته الرسولية إلى كراكوفيا (17 أغسطس 2002) أوكل العالم أجمع إلى الرحمة الإلهية". "إن فعل التكريس هذا شكل مجاهرة استثنائية بالإيمان من قبل الأب الأقدس. ففي الواقع أن البابا كان مقتنعاً بشدة أن الرب أظهر رحمته كعلامة الزمن للبشرية التائهة في المادية". ختاماً، ذكر أن بندكتس السادس عشر يعتبر أن "كل رسالة يوحنا بولس الثاني التي أنجزها في خدمة الحقيقة حول الله والإنسان والسلام في العالم، تتلخص في إعلان الرحمة". وكما قال هو بنفسه: "لا مصدر رجاء آخر للبشر سوى الرحمة الإلهية". هذه الكلمات ألهمت المؤتمر العالمي الثاني للرحمة الإلهية الذي يعقد في هذا المكان حيث تلقت القديسة فوستينا رسالة الرحمة ونقلتها إلى العالم. في هذه البازيليك، وبتاريخ 17 أغسطس 2002، أوكل البابا يوحنا بولس الثاني الكنيسة والعالم أجمع إلى الرحمة الإلهية و"حث على نشر رسالة الرحمة في العالم لإيقاظ الرجاء في القلوب". St. Faustina, Doctor of the Church? Cardinals Request Honor for Polish Apostle of Divine Mercy By Anita S. Bourdin KRAKOW, Poland, OCT. 4, 2011 (Zenit.org).- St. Faustina Kowalska may become the fourth woman doctor of the Church. Cardinals and bishops gathered in Krakow-Lagiewniki for the 2nd World Congress of Divine Mercy have sent a letter to Benedict XVI requesting this recognition. This news was published live last Sunday by Radio Esperance, which is transmitting the conference through its stations, through WorldSpace satellite and through the Internet. Polish St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) would join Spanish Carmelite Teresa of Avila, Italian Dominican Catherine of Siena, and French Carmelite Thérèse of Lisieux, the only three women recognized as doctors. After praying the Angelus in St. Peter's Square last Sunday, Benedict XVI addressed a message to the close to 2,000 participants in the congress, making reference to its topic. "Dearly beloved, reinforce your trust in the Lord through common reflection and prayer so that you will take effectively to the world the joyful message that 'mercy is the source of hope,'" he exhorted. Following the message was the announcement of an Italian-language letter with signatories including some of the prelates present, among them Cardinals Stanisław Dziwisz, Franciszek Macharski, Stanisław Ryłko, Audrys Juozas Backis, Philippe Xavier Barbarin, Christoph Schönborn, and Joseph Zen. These prelates thanked Pope Benedict XVI for the beatification of the "Servant of Mercy" John Paul II. And they added a request: that he allow the opening of the cause to recognize St. Faustina as a doctor, to promote the message of Divine Mercy worldwide. Cardinal Dziwisz announced that participants in the congress would be invited to sign the petition in favor of the recognition. Just last August, Benedict XVI bestowed the honor of doctor of the Church on St. John of Avila, who will become the Church's 34th doctor. St. John of Avila -- not to be confused with St. John of the Cross, who was St. Teresa of Avila's partner in reforming the Carmelites -- is known as the Apostle of Andalusia. He is the patron of Spanish diocesan clergy. --- --- --- On ZENIT's Web page: More information on the Divine Mercy congress: www.zenit.org/article-32980?l=engli L'importanza della Divina Misericordia nella nuova evangelizzazione Sottolineata durante il II Congresso Mondiale della Divina Misericordia CRACOVIA, domenica, 9 ottobre 2011 (ZENIT.org).- I partecipanti al II Congresso Mondiale della Divina Misericordia, celebrato a Cracovia-Lagiewniki (Polonia) dal 1° al 5 ottobre, hanno proposto al Papa di fare dell'“apostolato della Divina Misericordia un cammino privilegiato della nuova evangelizzazione”. Lo ha annunciato l'Arcivescovo di Vienna (Austria), il Cardinale Christoph Schönborn, attraverso “Radio Espérance”, che ha coperto tutto il Congresso in diretta. In vista del prossimo Sinodo del 2012, ha detto il porporato, “i delegati hanno proposto al Santo Padre di fare dell'apostolato della Divina Misericordia un cammino privilegiato della nuova evangelizzazione”. Il Cardinale aveva annunciato in precedenza che il prossimo Congresso Mondiale della Divina Misericordia si celebrerà nel 2012. Manila (Filippine) e Bogotà (Colombia) sono le candidate per accogliere l'evento, che probabilmente si svolgerà nella capitale colombiana. L'Arcivescovo di Vienna ha presieduto la Messa conclusiva del Congresso mercoledì a Lagiewniki, ricordando che il meeting cerca di “rendere tutta la Chiesa più consapevole e più motivata dal mistero della Divina Misericordia, in tutta la sua missione”. Il porporato austriaco ha ricordato ai microfoni di “Radio Espérance” la richiesta del Papa di aprire il dossier di “dottorato” di Santa Faustina Kowalska, il che “permetterà a tutti di considerare l'universalità” del suo insegnamento. L'Arcivescovo di Cracovia, il Cardinale Stanisław Dziwisz, ha inaugurato il 1° ottobre il Congresso nel Santuario della Divina Misericordia ricordando il “coraggio” di Giovanni Paolo II nel sostenere Santa Faustina proclamando la misericordia a tutto il mondo. Tutta la missione del beato Giovanni Paolo II “si riassume nella proclamazione della misericordia”, ha affermato. Il Papa polacco considerava il messaggio della misericordia “un segno dei tempi per un'umanità persa nel materialismo”, ha spiegato colui che è stato il suo segretario particolare. Il predecessore di Benedetto XVI, ha aggiunto, diceva che “la luce della misericordia divina illuminerà il cammino degli uomini del terzo millennio”. Giovanni Paolo II resterà come il Papa della Divina Misericordia: nel 1980 ha pubblicato l'Enciclica Dives in misericordia, sulla misericordia divina, e ha canonizzato Santa Faustina il 30 aprile 2000; quel giorno istituì nella Chiesa la festa della Divina Misericordia, che si celebra la prima domenica dopo Pasqua. E' stato alla vigilia di quella festa, il 2 aprile 2005, che Karol Wojtyła è morto, e la sua beatificazione è stata celebrata una domenica della Divina Misericordia, il 1° maggio scorso. Aprendo il II Congresso Mondiale, che ha avuto come tema “La misericordia, fonte di speranza”, il Cardinale Dziwisz ha invitato a rivolgere lo sguardo a “un apostolo particolarmente degno della Divina Misericordia, il beato Giovanni Paolo II”. Il porporato ha ricordato che Benedetto XVI crede che “tutta la missione di Giovanni Paolo II, realizzata al servizio della verità su Dio e l'uomo e la pace nel mondo, si riassuma nella proclamazione della misericordia”.
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